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Repairs for Mufflers and Exhaust Systems in Bolton

At A & J Auto Repair, our professionals will help reduce emissions and quiet your car. The exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, mufflers, connecting pipe, gaskets, flanges and hangers are supposed to reduce noise and conduct dangerous engine gases. Over time, corrosion and rust can cause problems to your car’s exhaust system. We offer replacements and repairs for mufflers and exhaust systems in Bolton. We also serve customers from Caledon, Orangeville, Shelburne, Brampton and other areas. With our services, you can be sure that your vehicle performance and exhaust system are as expected. Speak to us for more details.

Questions Regarding Exhausts

You may know that excessive smoke emitted from the exhaust pipe is harmful for your vehicle and the environment. We have included some questions regarding your exhaust system:

 What is the difference between a muffler and the exhaust?

The exhaust is the entire system that encompasses the muffler, engine cylinder, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold and all pipes and hardware that connect to the chassis.

 Do I need a new muffler?

A loud muffler at the time of accelerating means you may need a new one.

 Can I remove the muffler?

No. It is illegal to drive on the Canadian highway and streets without a muffler because it will be loud. Also, fumes can enter into the vehicle causing illness or even prove fatal.

 Does a good muffler improve mileage?

No it does not.

 How long does a muffler last?

Depending on where you live, it can last the lifetime of your vehicle.

 Should I be concerned if there is a substance dripping from my muffler?

No. It is water condensation draining through the muffler’s drain hole.

 Why is my exhaust pipe emitting smoke?

It happens when you turn on the engine. There is nothing to worry about unless the smoke is visible even after reaching the operating temperature.


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