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Hassle-free Engine Service in Bolton

At A & J Auto Repair, we offer engine services for clients across Bolton, Caledon, Orangeville, Shelburne, Brampton and surrounding areas. When you bring your vehicle to us, we will carry out a thorough inspection and make necessary repairs to get you back on the road as soon as possible. As a part of our Air Induction Service, we can clean and decarbonize the system without removing components or disassembling the engine. Our holistic approach restores power and improves fuel efficiency. Here are a few signs that indicate your engine needs servicing:

  • Your vehicle experiences frequent stalling

  • The gas mileage is diminishing

  • Excessive fuel consumption

  • Vehicle idles roughly

  • Engine is misfiring

  • Vehicle is running smoothly

Engine FAQs

Do you know if your engine is performing to its optimal ability? Feel free to read our frequently asked questions below:

 My engine light is not flashing anymore; do I need to do anything?

Immediate servicing is required if the check engine light is not flashing anymore.

 Although my car seems fine, the check engine light goes on.

It is a sign to have your vehicle serviced.

 Is there a quick fix when the engine light goes on?

Yes. It may mean that the gas cap is open or loose. If the engine light does not go off even then, your vehicle needs to be serviced.

 Will a switched-on engine light cause damage to the car if I continue driving?

If the check engine light is yellow, it means it isn’t running at max efficiency, resulting in more fuel consumption and polluting the environment. A red light or a flashing light means there is an issue and you need to get to a service station right away.

 How do I know my check engine light is indicating a problem?

Anytime you see the check engine light, it means your vehicle is emitting more emission than normal. We recommend bringing your car to us.

 Can I reset the check engine light myself if it goes on just after a service?

Bring your vehicle back to us and we will make sure the problem is resolved.

 My check engine light comes on and turns off when I start my car, is this okay?

When you start the car, your dash indicator lights turn on and off as a quick system check. Should one light not turn on, it may be the light is burnt out.

 How often should belts and hoses be checked?

Hoses and belts should be checked at each oil change. If a hose is leaking, has visible cracks, blistering of any kind, or it feels rock hard or mushy, it’s due for a replacement. If the belts are loose, it may be time to replace them.


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